About us

Roque Villa and Leonora Losala-Villa moved out from Mambusao, Capiz and seek greener pasture in Mindanao. They settled at Barrio 7, Norala, South Cotabato.

With them are their children;
  1.  Alejandro Villa
  2. Arsenio Villa
  3. Alfredo Villa
  4. Epay Villa
  5. Alberto Villa
  6. Diday Villa
  7. Melyn Villa
  8. Alfonzo Villa
Alejandro Villa married to Felicitas Gregorio. They were blessed with 4 children namely;
  1. Crisanto
  2. Doris
  3. Rey
  4. Jude

Arsenio Villa married to Paning Castillon. Children are;
  1. Amelia
  2. Nene
  3. Jean
  4. Donamie
  5. Jessie
Alfredo Villa married to Luz Dollete. Among their children are;
  1. Judie
  2. Jennelyn
  3. Jennie
Epay Villa married to Julie de Dios. They wer blessed with 4 children.
  1. Bano
  2. Tata
  3. Totong
  4. Boboy
Alberto Villa married to Inday Togonon. They had only one daughter;
  1. Irish
Diday Villa married to Rizaldy Elizaldy. Children were;
  1. Raynie
  2. Boknoy
  3. Kim-kim
  4. Rizza
  5. Lanine
 Melyn Villa married to Jerome Herdon. They have 4 children;
  1. Rommel
  2. Roda
  3. Jerome
  4. John Paul
Alfonzo Villa married to Mercy Lagos. Children;
  1. Shab-shab
  2. Toto
  3. Beggy
Gemma and Vicente Gaspar are also grand children of Roque and Leonora.

Every December 25, our family gathers for an annual reunion. Join us this coming December 25, 2010 at Maremco, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat. Sponsor for this year is Uncle Julie and his family.